domingo, 1 de junho de 2008

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Top Spiritualist Art in Brazil

Spiritualist Music grows each day spreading optimism and faith in future worldwide! In Brazil, Alma Sonora (something like "Sound Soul" or "Resonant Soul") has being one of the most prolific Spiritualist musical groups. In 11 years, the band won several Brazilian Music Festivals and released two albums. You can see the live clips of Pensamento Sideral ("Sideral Thought") and Canção de Amor ao Planeta ("Love Song to the Planet") just below:

Did you like it? Let’s talk about Grupo Arte Nascente (GAN) now. They commemorated 20 years in 2008 recording the first DVD of a Spiritualist Musical Play in Brazil. It has been transmitted live via web. GAN social work includes visits to hospitals, schools and musical speeches about life improvement by faith. A valuable job whose public relevance has been declared by Brazilian public authorities in Goiás State. If you want to see them in action, here goes a live video, recorded during V Mostra Brasileira de Teatro Transcendental, in Fortaleza. This amazing song is called Tudo É Amor (“Everything is Love”)!

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